SSAS Advisers’ solutions are bespoke, looking at the whole business not just the pension, maximising retirement options as well as the tax benefits available to the client and the business. Our specialist advisers are highly experienced in creating business solutions for clients. They interface with the client and their own professional advisers, liaising closely with them and our technical team to create technically robust, integrated solutions.


  • SSAS Advisers assess the current business situation and, in conjunction with our technical team, create a bespoke plan
  • We recognise that our clients are not pension experts and always communicate in understandable language, not technical jargon
  • SSAS Advisers work alongside your current professional advisers to ensure you benefit from appropriate advice
  • SSAS Advisers advice is underwritten


  • Pensions are one of the last remaining options for Accountants to help their clients optimise their tax position and a SSAS has more features than any other type of pension
  • SSAS Advisers fully involve Accountants in reviewing clients’ challenges and opportunities, suggesting strategies to bring value where appropriate. We can work through the Accountant, or interface directly with the client as appropriate
  • SSAS Advisers advice is underwritten


  • Although the majority of IFAs will be broadly aware of how a SSAS works they may not be aware of the full range of options and opportunities a SSAS can bring to the client
  • We work with many IFAs who refer clients to us to provide the pension solution whilst they provide the contribution and investment advice. We can work through the IFA, or interface directly with the client as appropriate
  • SSAS Advisers advice is underwritten

To discuss the SSAS benefits for your business please call SSAS Advisers

on 0191 580 1286 or email info@ssasadvisers.co.uk